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Nice to meet you all! My name is Justin Steinberg, so here is a little bit about me...

I'm currently married and have two kiddos, two dogs, and four cats! Needless to say we have a zoo. I've been in the restaurant industry most of my life working as a chef, and also spent some years working in the social service field as a Mental Health Professional. I have done photography as a hobby for 10+ years and at first got into it as my wife was getting into it. I've been doing photography professionally for the past 6 years and absolutely love it! Some people see a photo as just something that is taken and put aside, yet with this photo years later, you are still able to come back and revisit history, reflect, and cherish the moment when it was taken. I believe a photo can tell a thousand stories, some times even interpreted in different ways. It is always an honor for me to be able to capture these images for everyone, as it can signify so many moments in life, rather in celebration, positivity, loss and more. I'm super easy-going and flexible and always want to make sure those I work with get the quality and focus put into these photos, so that you can keep them and always be able to look back. I mainly focus on boudoir at the moment, I believe empowerment and body positivity is so important and that any client working with me can feel more enlightened. Rather it is for yourself, a loved one, or just something to try out, I highly encourage it! I also focus on Fine Art projects and Weddings. 

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